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India’s informal education market is the largest in the world and edutainment animated series are at their peak point of demand. We have started our journey to the conceptualization of our dream project (‘Fairy & Aamy’) in the booming sector of animation.Fairy & Aamy is an upcoming Indian edutainment animated series, based on tales narrated by The Fairy - Princess Tara. Fairy’s tales revolve around the lives of a 4 year old girl named Aamy and her 2 elder brothers. Everyday situations of Aamy are portrayed with a tinge of humour, for educating young kids (2-6 years old) about socially acceptable behaviours, emotional intelligence, civic sense, family bonds etc.

Total Episodes- 72
Duration of each episode - 7 minutes


The ideation stage of the project began in June 2017. We wanted an initiative to provide valuable entertainment to children, while also serving as a catalyst to uphold social values. The basic storyline has been developed, along with the plot for first 5 episodes. We have completed 3D asset development of few animated characters in the series and also the rough sketches of the protagonist. An intro video for the series has also been created. We are lined up to produce an animated series of DVD quality, using the latest animation software.

Road Map

We expect to create a pilot episode of DVD quality (7 minutes duration) within a time frame of 10 months from the day of commencement, at an estimated cost of Rs. 50 lakhs.

To make it happen, we are required to upgrade our current infrastructure facilities by setting up new workstations, software license, hiring experts etc.

We look at pitching to potential investors after the release of the first episode, to develop the entire series; which we hope, will be unique as a blue diamond.



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